Brass Wire for Krah Pipe Connection Has Strong Heating Conductivity Performance

Brass wire is installed at the inner edge of a black Krah pipe.

If you want to connect two Krah pipes tightly, you need to use a special electric heater integrated into the pipe socket for electrofusion connection. This connection method requires the use of brass wire. Electrofusion connection is the only way to connect the new type of pipes, and the role of brass wire is crucial.

Our brass welding wire for Krah pipe welding ensures that the Krah pipes are tightly connected in any extreme and harsh environment. This brass welding wire has high strength and corrosion resistance, and can ensure krah pipes are firmly connected and has a long service life.

Krah Pipe Installation Steps

A section of Krah pipe installation socket connector
Step 1: Clean the ends of Krah pipes and install connector at the end of one pipe.
Tension band is used for Krah pipe fixing.
Step 2: Align the Krah pipe and use tension band for fixing. Remove the tension band after fixing.
A man uses an electrofusion machine to heat the brass wire on Krah pipe.
Step 3: Heat the brass wire on the Krah pipe with an electrofusion machine.
2 black Krah pipes are connected with field joints.
Step 4: Finally,field joints are used to firmly connect 2 Krah pipes together.

Brass Wire Specification

  • International standard: CuZn30 (C2600, CW505L).
  • Tensile strength: 530–630 N/mm2.
  • Wire diameter: 2 mm
  • Weight: 30 g/m
  • Resistance value: 0.026 ± 0.002 Ohm/m (non-bending state)

Brass Wire Requirements

  • Brass wire must have a strong hardness.
  • Hard brass wire must go through at least 4 bending tests.
  • Surface requirements
    • The brass wire surface must be clean and free of contamination.
    • Small amounts of technical lubricants, as well as casings, risks, dents, broach marks, indentations and other surface defects of the wire that do not exceed the maximum diameter deviation during drawing are permissible.
    • It allows both supplier and customer to control the surface quality of the wire according to samples agreed between both parties.

Product Display

A caliper and a tester is used to check the wire diameter and electrical resistivity of the brass wire.
Brass wire diameter and electrical resistivity inspection
Only half of the brass wire coil is packed.
Half packed brass wire coil
Brass welding wire after bending
Brass welding wire
Unpacked brass wire coils are placed in a plate.
Unpacked brass wire
White packing strip is used to pack the brass wire.
Brass wire packed with packing strip
Well packed brass wires are placed in a wooden case for shipping.
Wooden case packed brass wire

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