Brass Wire Mesh Case Study - Decorative Project

Brass Wire Mesh Decorative Projects
Four different sizes of brass wire mesh are required by our client: 65 mesh, 40 mesh, 25 mesh and 8 mesh. These brass meshes will be cut into pieces, bent and fixed to stainless steel structure, maintaining bending shape to create a modern model, with gradient effects.

Brass mesh picture:

Two rolls of brass wire mesh - 25 mesh. 25 mesh brass mesh rolled can hold its shape well.
The brass wire mesh are packed well using paper core and paper & plastic film. Brass wire mesh roll with 0.9 m width and 30 m length, packed using paper core and paper & plastic film.

Brass mesh, with bright shinny surface, is a good choice to be used as decorative models. But, the more denser brass mesh will be more soft, that is the reason why it is also called brass cloth. As for the 65 mesh, it is so flexible that it can not hold its shape.

Available solutions:

  • Adjust the mesh size: Through constantly test, the brass mesh - 40 mesh it the bottom size that can maintain its shape for this case. Then the sizes can be adjusted to 40 mesh, 25 mesh, 20 mesh and 8 mesh.
  • Using support wires: Some thick brass wires can be used as supports under the bending mesh, on the premise of not affecting the fashion appearance.
  • Using transparent painting: Transparent painting helps to reinforce the brass cloth structure, but it will affect the shinny surface to some extent.

Considering the appearance of this model, solution 1 is recommended and finally acceptable by our client.

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