Brass Wire Mesh How to Hold Its Shape

Brass wire mesh is a good choice as decoration, but some of them are not easy to maintain its shape. A simple case study shows how to solve this problem.

Brass Wire

Copper wire with wire diameter from 0.14 mm to 0.8 mm and different chemical composition can be used for zipper teeth.

Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh with wire diameter from 0.376 mm to 2.5 mm and 5 mesh to 20 mesh can be used for screen door, making jewelry and electric terminals.

Decorative Wire Mesh

Decorative wire mesh made of stainless steel, aluminum or brass, can be used as fireplace screen, fly screen, carpet, cabinetry screen and baskets.

Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

Stainless steel wire mesh can be used for wire shelf. A wire shelf is composed of 4 shelves and 4 posts and often use SS304 and SS201 as material.

Enameled Copper Wire

Copper wire can be covered a synthetic varnish or enameled with polyvinyl acetal. And every test according to the VSM-standards like VSM 23730.

Brass Mesh Hot Specifications

Brass mesh can be coated or uncoated with an insulating film. It is widely used as filters, insect screen or mosquito net, fly screens.

How to recognize the copper

Copper is very ductile and malleable material. Classification of copper alloys, copper technical grades and application, How to recognize the copper in here

Phosphor Bronze Wire Net types

Phosphor Bronze Wire Net series products and specifications. Phosphor bronze wire netting can be twill weave type, plain weave types and so on.

Plain Woven Wire Mesh

Plain woven wire meshes with various materials: Nr 24/15.5 (24 wires of warp on 1cm / 15.5 wires of weft on 1cm), Nr 18/16 (18 wires of warp on 1 cm / 16 wires of weft on 1 cm).

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh common sizes

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh: Phosphor bronze wire mesh, also named phosphor bronze wire cloth, is one of the main categories of metal mesh. Here is the common specifications.

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh is also called phosphor bronze wire cloth. Phosphor bronze wire is corrosion resistant, high intension, high flexibility, magnetism resistant, wear resistant and tear resistant.

Brass Insect Screen

Brass wire can be made to brass insect screen against mosquitoes, insects and so on. The bronze window screen, copper wire cloth and brass screen are widely used as insect screen or window screens.

Brass Wire for Wire Brushes

Brass wire brushes are popular in applications of cleaning plastic extrusion parts. Crimped brass wire from 0.004" to .0204" in diameter.

Brass Classification and Features

Brass - an alloy of copper and zinc - has the properties of strength, low melting point and ductility. Brass includes soft, semi-hard, and hard brass alloys.