Copper Wire for Indoor and Outdoor Electricity System

Copper wire is made of 99.9% pure copper. It is dead soft, can be made into the shape of round and flat, also can be divided into solid bare copper wire and stranded bare copper wire. Copper wire has good cold plastic performance, toughness, electricity and heat conductivity, can resistant to corrosion, abrasion, wear, rust, salt air, brine, acid and alkali. It is usually used for glasses accessories, springs, rivets, fasteners, battery core rod, overhead transmission, distribution, grounding wire, craft, jewelry and insulated copper wire.

The picture shows a coil of copper wire bundled by two ropes.
CW-1: Copper wire coil.
The picture shows a spool of copper wire.
CW-2: Copper wire winds on spool.
The picture shows six coils of flat copper wire.
CW-3: Flat copper wire coil.
The picture shows several cutting copper wire.
CW-4: Cutting copper wire can be used for winding element.
The picture shows a spool of double stranded copper wire.
CW-5: Double stranded copper wire spool.
The picture shows many coils of copper wire.
CW-6: Copper wire can be winded into coil.


  • Material: pure copper proportion 99.9%.
  • Wire shape: round, flat.
  • Package type: spool copper wire, coil copper wire, cut copper wire.
  • Copper wire type: solid bare copper wire, stranded bare copper wire.
  • Length can be customized.
Copper wire
Product code Gauge Diameter
mm Inch
CWS-4 4 5.19 0.204
CWS-6 6 4.12 0.162
CWS-8 8 3.26 0.129
CWS-10 10 2.59 0.102
CWS-12 12 2.05 0.081
CWS-14 14 1.60 0.063
CWS-16 16 1.30 0.051
CWS-18 18 1.00 0.040
CWS-20 20 0.82 0.032
CWS-22 22 0.63 0.025
CWS-24 24 0.51 0.020
CWS-26 26 0.41 0.016
CWS-28 28 0.30 0.012
CWS-30 30 0.28 0.010

Features of copper wire

  • Good cold plastic performance.
  • Good electricity and heat conductivity, good toughness.
  • Non-magnetic, anti-sparking, anti-static.
  • Resistant to corrosion, abrasion, rust, salt air, brine, acid, alkali.
  • Low tensile strength, low hardness.
  • Soft, flexibility, bent easily, weld easily.
  • Easy to install, can be cut by scissors.
  • Long service life.

Application of copper wire

  • Used for glasses accessories, springs, rivets, fasteners, battery core rod, overhead transmission, distribution, grounding wire.
  • Used for residential electricity system before entering home, often at the meter base.
  • Indoor grounding wire, such as lamp installation.
  • Stranded bare copper wire can be used in non-insulated hook-ups, jumpers and electricity construction.
  • Suitable for craft, jewelry making, ear wires.
The left is a big and a small heart shape copper wire, right is craft combined them together.
CW-7: Copper wire is used for heart shape craft.
Copper wire bracelet is wear on somebody's wrist.
CW-8: Copper wire can be used for decorative bracelet.
A cup and a plate made of copper wire is placed on ground.
CW-9: Plate and cup made of copper wire can hold things you want.
Several copper wires strand together to form one.
CW-10: Stranded copper wire.
Inside is insulated copper wire, middle is bear copper wire, outside is PVC coating.
CW-11: Bear copper wire wrapped insulated copper wire has the effect of shielding.


  • Coil brass wire:
    • Inside with plastic film and outside with hessian, then pallet.
    • Inside with plastic film and outside with woven bag, then pallet.
  • Spool brass wire usually packed in carton box.

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