Phosphor bronze mesh - precise directions weaving wires

Phosphor bronze mesh

  • Strip width: 0.5 -/+ 57.5 mm.
  • Internal diameter of the cardboard core: 50 mm.
  • The strip length in each coil 50 meters minimum.
  • There are precise directions weaving wires to a half- degree maximum.
    Parallel between the wires toward movement.
    Strip length in each coil need to be uniform in each coil keep throughout
    90 degrees woven wires.
    Cutting raw material must be accurate and without unwoven wires.
    Raw material must be clean with no oils, dust, fingerprints, dirt or any other.
    The woven strip must be flat and without distortion.
    Raw material coils must be without beating, scratches or any other mechanical injury, the using on coils will ensure continuous work without stops on the automatic machines.
  • Material chemical composition. SN-TIN : 4.6% - 6.8%.
    PHOSPHORUS - P: 0.18%. ( the rest Copper )
    Mesh type: net woven 100 mesh.
    Diameter of the wire: 0.005 -/+ 0.11 mm.
    Space between the wires: 0.14 mm.
    Condition metallurgy of the material: between annealed to half hard.
  • Packaging: There is to provide the mesh strips lifting on cardboard core.

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